Tallekullen is a small village in north-eastern Smaland, which is sometimes called the forgotten village.

Straight through the place was the parish boundary between Linneryd and Hovmantorp parish. So was the little homestead on the outskirts of the two parishes and also in inaccessible land.
Nobody was interested in it and we thought it was a good spot to place a soldiar cabins on, you wanted to place them as far away as possible from the large village (Skogsryd / Ormeshaga) for it was bound by law to maintain the soldier with a certain potatoes and grain.

Therefore they build 2 soldier cabins in this area, one from the village Skogsryd and one from the village Ormeshaga. The place was called the village Tallekullen. First soldier from Skogsryds Backa Farm became Sven Stake and he moved in 1782nd (now Borgholmen). The second soldier's cabin built build by Ormeshaga farm had its soldier around 1800 and he was named John.
Then there was an interesting era for Tallekullen.
Published from 1801 to 1806 was an intresting time ni Sweden. All the villages and suburbs were split were distributed so that more land was cultivated by small farmers and crofters. It meant for Tallekullens part of a wide small crafts and settlements were built up. Families in the villages were large and overcrowded with many children. Population explosion was big and most are 10 families lived on Tallekullen, about 100 people 1875th The same year, there were at most 4000 people living in Linneryds parish.

Reform Final parcel 1827th The plot was the most important and which changed the landscape of Småland is the final parcel. A farmer had a right to demand that the whole village shifted. Both INFIELDS and UTAGE split and rural meters had the right to request the relocation of farms in order to enable a rational agriculture. Villages broke up and then also bysammanhållningen.
This was not Tallekullen Luckily, the village was in two parishes, and there was no bonde, it was very difficult and nobody was interested. So therefore, the village looks out over today just as it always has looked.
Population growth was in the end that it could not support themselves on what little cottage agencies did. It was largely self-sufficient regarding food, heating and housing, but had very little income, it received any dollars on the sale of calves, goats and sometimes fox-skins on Linneryds and Eriksmala market. They made it difficult to survive and people began to seek out continents. The great emigration to America began.

The first to emigrate to America from Tällekullen was Carl Wilhelm Gabrielsson on 24/10 1885th He ended up in the Swedish communities in Minnesota. Emigration emptied Tällekullen on many people, the last to emigrate as late as 1929. And today they has good contact with their descendants in America

Now it remains to four properties in the village and all are as good as Itaka. Byalaget gets some fundings from the EU to manage the cultural heritage and make the village look like it always has been.
Written by Daniel Noregran.

Sources: The House of Emigrants, interviews with old people in the village and neighboring villages.

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