Backastugan is a 1700 century dwelling used by the poor workers in the yard.

Later used as a summer barn until the 1950's when it began to decay.

In recent years, it is rebuilt as it once looked like by using the Old documents and information of the Old in the village, with among other things, contemporary, turf roof.

Backstugan used today as a museum to depict everyday life in the Old Tallekullen.

The cabin contains:
Living room with fireplace,
loft with double bed.
Kitchen with wood stove.

For information on opening hours and contact family viewing Noregran.

Village: Lessebo/Hovmantorp
Distance to game fishing: Approx 100m
Distance to fishing: Approx 1 km
Distance to bathing: Approx 300-500m
Distance to public bathing: Approx 7 km
Living area: Approx 60 qm
Number of people: Max 4

Price Low season 390 EU/week   High season 490 EU/week

CLICK HERE to RENT the cabin. (the webpage is in german)
For swedish: Phone Ulrich: 070-621 35 24