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Here at Tallekullen we have a newly restored bird nature with an interesting and rich bird life.

Bird watching are growing. In recent years, bird watching has been the fastest growing outdoor recreational activity in USA. Bird watching is also on growing fast here in Sweden.

Autumn and spring are good times to watch birds, since many birds are in motion. It is estimated there are approximately 500 million birds migrate in Sweden every year.

You have access to the tower with information about the bird life around tallekullen.
We are also able to tour if desired.

It is possible to stay overnight in Åstugan or in shelters.

Bird watching is an interesting hobby that can add up to one's own level. You can look yourself or as a group and there are many different types of bird watching.
The most important is perhaps that people are out in nature and may experience its nuances.


Are you a beginner, please get in touch with us so we can give you some tips and advice along the way on how to begin.
Good to have with them are:
Binoculars and a birdbok is good that when bird-watchers. In a notebook, you can write down what you have seen. Do not forget to pack a tasty lunch.

Please include the family and combine the trip with other experiences in the Smaland countryside. Hiking, biking, fishing or canoeing are good examples of activities you can do here on the beautiful Tallekullen.



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